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CSGO Betting Sponsored Teams

Please check out our sponsored grass-roots esports teams:

Elite Veterans logo

EliteVeterans are a Romanian team formed in January 2017. They will be taking part in the upcoming ESL Premium Open Cups, CEVO Open and ESEA Open. Their roster is made up of Posirca “aliendLk” Cosmin, Dudau “JpN-” Razvan Constantin, Susanu “reFreshEr” Dorian, Stanescu “Nyck” Adrian and Mihu “PornoStarzzz” Adrian. They stream their matches on twitch.tv/aliencosmin

Team Nevid logo

Team Nevid:

Team Nevid is a CSGO team that was founded in mid 2016. The team consists of “Stratis”, “Tollo”, “Cappe”, “Grand3k” and “Keffan”. They play in multiple amateur tournaments in order to both improve their game and win.

Same Esport

Same Eport?:
The CS:GO team were introduced to the organisation in early January 2017 as a project started by Lucas “JBL” Blom and his former teammate Viktor “Scythe” Nordgren. After a few iterations the roster was finalised in May due to high recruitment standards, with the aforementioned duo adding Gustav “Hjertsson” Hjertsson, Linus “Strand” Strand and Albin “AlbinHD” Hammar.

FrenzyCS logo


FrenzyCS is a CSGO team consisting of only UK players. They compete online but plan to compete in offline events both in the UK and in Europe.

Team Folx logo

Team Folx:
Team Folx are a new roster from Poland. They are very passionate about CounterStrike and have high hopes for success in ESL, FACEIT, Gfinity and Polish Championship tournaments.

Gamezone logo

Gamezone is an upcoming esport organisation that hopes to become one of the best competitive video gaming teams, consisting of players who all give the maximum possible strength available. They will be competing in online and LAN competitions.

Skrambit logo

Skrambit was formed in October 2014 by Neo Hyttsten, who has been working on developing his team since then. Skrambit is a dedicated team consisting of 5 friends from Sweden and their goal is to qualify for a big LAN tournament. At the moment, they play in a lot of online leagues and tournaments where they have had some success.

F2.Gaming Logo


F2.Gaming are a European CSGO team who have plenty of LAN and online tournament experience. They are currently playing a range of online events.

Stalker esports logo

Stalker eSports:

Stalker eSports is a new esports organisation who are looking to establish themselves globally and compete with the best teams around. Look out for them in upcoming online and offline events.



2Strong2Beat are a Norwegian side who play in tournaments on FACEIT and CEVO, where they have won a number of competitions. Their lineup of Smoke, Cloud, Fxyy, AlexF and Strikez also did well in the Telenorligaen

MounT eSports logo

MounT eSports:

MounT eSports is a CS:GO team founded in the UK in 2016. They compete currently in small leagues and competitions to get known, so they can eventually be bet on and compete in major tournaments.


We’d also like to share with you the following websites:

L4yer Esports

L4yer Esports:
L4yer Esports is a new Steam group aimed at any players who are looking to meet new people and play competitive games. In future, they plan to add their own team and hold monthly tournaments.

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