Online gambling – such as sports betting, including CSGO betting – is illegal in the United States of America. Thus, there are no traditional betting sites that we are able to reward you with a free bet on. There are two forms of gambling that are legal in most parts of the USA:

1) Daily Fantasy Sports
Daily Fantasy Sports is where you pick a line-up of players and score points based on how they perform in a particular match or tournament. There are two websites offering fantasy esports – DraftKings, which only offers League of Legends, and Alphadraft, which offers CSGO. Alphadraft has completely free tournaments for ESL One New York, but you can also get a 25% bonus on your first deposit when you join through CSGO Betting. It is simple to play: your players get 2 points for a kill, 1 for an assist and lose 1 point for a death. You also pick a team, who get points corresponding to the difference in rounds, plus points for bomb plants and bomb defuses.

2) Sweepstakes
Sweepstakes are where you do not necessarily have to pay to enter a competition, but can increase your number of entries by doing so. Chumba Casino is a form of a sweepstake and is the only legal real money casino for US residents. You can play slot machines and cash out after doing so – including by PayPal. Because you shared your picture with us, we can reward you with $2 completely free to get you started – just sign up through this link – you don’t even have to make a purchase to get the $2.

Whilst CSGO Betting from USA is unfortunately not possible, we hope these alternatives will tide you over until betting is legalised.

Top 5 CSGO Betting Sites